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update: 02/01/2023


These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to customers (“Players”, “You”) using any product, software, website offered by 1 Dollar Casinos (“Casino”, “Website”, “Service”, “We”).

Player must create an account and make a deposit in order to use the Service.

Agreement on Terms of Use

Except for downloading a copy of the Agreement to a single computer for personal, non-commercial use, you may not reproduce, prepare derivative works based on, distribute, perform, or display the Agreement without the prior written consent of Dollar Casinos.

The Agreement may not be used in an unauthorized manner.


These terms and conditions are deemed fair and equitable by 1 Dollar Casinos. If players need advice on these terms and conditions or any other part of our services, please contact the Casino Support Center.

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to revise and/or remove any part of the Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion, at any time and without notice. Players should visit this page periodically to check for any changes. Continued use of the Casino or Services after changes are posted constitutes binding acceptance of such changes. 1 Dollar Casinos may also notify its players by e-mail of any updates to the Terms and Conditions.

The published (and occasionally updated) Casino Terms and Conditions can be found on this website in English. The English version of these Terms and Conditions forms the basis for all Terms and Conditions found in other languages. Translations into other languages are provided as a bona fide service. In case of ambiguity between the English version and a translation, the English version always takes precedence.

If any provision of this contract is held or rendered invalid by a court or regulatory body, the remainder of the contract will not be affected. In such a case, the invalid provision will be interpreted as closely as possible according to its original intent.

1 Dollar Casinos may make changes to products, software, websites, and/or system specification requirements at any time without notice.

Casino Information

Licensing and Regulatory Bodies – 1 Dollar Casinos is a brand operated by Fresh Horizons Limited and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada.

1 Dollar Casinos is authorized to operate 1dollarcasinos.com.

Financial Institution

1 Dollar Casinos is not a financial institution and, therefore, all funds deposited into a player’s account (active or inactive; please see the “Account Dormance” section for details) are not subject to the payment of interest on account balances, including outstanding deposits or withdrawals.

1 Dollar Casinos does not advise players on tax and/or legal matters.

Players seeking advice on tax or legal matters are encouraged to seek professional advice.

A player is strictly prohibited from using 1 Dollar Casinos and its systems to facilitate arbitrage through foreign exchange transactions. If 1 Dollar Casinos believes that a player has deliberately used the aforementioned systems for financial gain through arbitrage, all winnings will be forfeited and deducted from the player’s balance without notice or notification.

Participation and jurisdiction

The casino does not accept registrations or gaming activity from persons under the age of 19.

We reserve the right to conduct checks (electronic or otherwise) and/or request valid documentation at any time in order to verify the identity of our players and/or to meet regulatory requirements.

Players accept full responsibility for their casino gaming activity, including the legality of online gaming in their country/jurisdiction of residence or location. The availability of our services is not intended to enable the player to contravene any applicable online gaming laws or regulations.

We will not be responsible for any violation of local, national/federal, state or other laws that may arise as a result of Player’s gaming activity at the Casino.

Player’s Casino Account

All information provided at the time of registration must be accurate and complete in all respects. 1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to confirm the information provided at registration by requesting personal identification documents via e-mail and other means.

Accounts with incorrect or incomplete registration data may be suspended until the verification process is completed. If we are unable to complete the verification process, the account may be closed and/or suspended and any balance (including winnings) may be forfeited/refunded or deposits reversed at the casino’s discretion. See the “Verification Process” section for more details.

Players must keep their registration information up-to-date. The Support Center must be notified of any changes in address, e-mail, phone number or other personal or contact information.

Players may open and maintain only one account. In the event that a player is identified with more than one account, we reserve the right to suspend those accounts and any winnings associated with multiple accounts may be voided. The player must also not have used the sign-up bonus more than once.

1 Dollar Casinos allows all players to choose a password, which must be kept confidential. Any action taken through the Player’s account will be considered valid if the username and password (including biometric data) have been entered correctly.

1 Dollar Casinos allows all players to choose a password, which must remain confidential. Any action taken through the player’s account will be considered valid if the user name and password have been entered correctly. If you activate biometric login, you must store only your own biometric data on your device and not that of another person. We are not required to verify that the biometric data is yours. Your biometric data will be stored only on your device.

The Player is solely and uniquely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account login information, particularly your password and username. The Player is responsible for all activity that occurs with the casino account. 1 Dollar Casinos shall not be liable to Player or any third party for any loss resulting from failure to store account access data securely.

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to close or suspend a Player’s account without refund if it appears that the Player has disclosed his/her account access data to a third party.

1 Dollar Casinos will not abuse its relationship with Player through unauthorized activity on Player’s operating system or casino account.

The Player may receive an e-mail to the registered e-mail address for account activation and ongoing communications from the Casino.

If Player has previously cancelled from 1 Dollar Casinos, please contact the Casino Support Center.

Account Dormancy

A player’s casino account is considered dormant if the player has not placed a bet or wager or deposited/withdrawn funds for a period of time determined at the casino’s discretion.

In the interest of protecting player funds, 1 Dollar Casinos will withdraw all player balances (within a maximum of 60 days) that may consist of bonuses and cash. Bonuses will be cancelled. Player cash balances may be returned to the player’s account upon request within a reasonable period of time, provided the player meets verification/security questions.

Transfer of funds between individual player accounts is strictly prohibited.

Account Suspension/Closure

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to close or suspend a player’s account at its sole discretion by giving appropriate notice and reasoning, including but not limited to any unauthorized use of the player’s account. There shall be no refund of the account balance.

Any unauthorized use of the player account may result in termination of the player account. 1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to terminate any Casino Rewards account.

If the player identifies unauthorized use or theft of account login information, or if any other security breach has occurred, 1 Dollar Casinos must be notified immediately of this event.

To close a casino account, please contact the casino support center.

Verification procedure

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to request verification documents from players following deposits and/or before making a withdrawal. If deemed necessary, the casino may also require such documents to be certified by a notary public or licensed professional. This includes, but is not limited to, the following documents

Proof of ownership of the financial accounts used to deposit and/or withdraw at the casino. This includes, but is not limited to, a copy of the physical card, a statement from a particular bank account, or relevant screenshots of other online wallets and methods.

A copy of a valid ID, such as a passport, driver’s license or government-issued ID card.

Documents confirming residency, such as a bank statement or utility bill, dated within the last three months.

All documents must be clear and legible to ensure satisfactory verification of the player. If the documents provided are incomplete, obstructed or show signs of tampering and any other reason deemed unacceptable, the player must provide additional information until 1 Dollar Casinos is able to successfully verify the player’s identification.

If 1 Dollar Casinos has reasonable grounds to suspect that Player has provided false documents, misleading or erroneous information, 1 Dollar Casinos will not accept such documents as valid and failure to verify Player’s identity may result in the closure of the casino account and/or failure to process the withdrawal request.

Player’s withdrawal cannot be processed until satisfactory verification of identity has been completed.

Player consents to ILABS Inc, on behalf of 1 Dollar Casinos, conducting a credit check for identity verification using the information provided at registration.

Use of bots and illegal software

The use and misuse of malware and bugs in any gaming software provided on the Casino platform is illegal.

The use of software/hardware to influence or alter the outcome of games or financial gain is strictly prohibited and money acquired in this way will be immediately confiscated.

The use of a virtual machine is also considered a deliberate attempt to manipulate the game and/or cheat the casino. Any financial gain obtained under these conditions will be confiscated.

Disruption of casino operations

1 Dollar Casinos assumes no liability for any damage or loss believed or alleged to have been caused by or in connection with 1 Dollar Casinos’ casino software or its contents; including, without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communications or line failures, payment processing, misuse by any person of the site or its contents, or any errors or omissions in the contents. 1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to terminate or suspend a player’s account with adequate and reasoned notice.

In the event of system or communication errors relating to the generation of random numbers, the settlement of bets, or any other element of the service, we will not be liable to the player because of such errors and reserve the right to void all bets on the games in question.

In the event of a Casino system malfunction, all bets placed during that period will be void, as will any winnings obtained from a malfunctioning game or service. This includes, but is not limited to, operating systems, web browsers, software and hardware failures.

We reserve the right to refuse or limit any bet at our sole discretion for any reason. In cases where a bet is deemed void or declared void at our discretion, any amount deducted from the casino account in connection with such bet or wager will be credited to the casino account. Wagers are valid only if accepted by our server. Until acceptance, no communication from the player is binding on us and all information displayed on this site is only an invitation to play. A malfunction (of the website, software, or device) will cancel all payments and games. If we decide to deviate from a rule in the interest of fair play for you, it will only be for that moment and will not set a precedent for the future.

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to void any winnings obtained due to a hardware/software error or malfunction. Players who abuse these errors/malfunctions may have their casino account closed and deposits and/or winnings cancelled. In the event of a website system malfunction, all bets are voided.

Responsible Gaming

Gambling is a form of recreation and entertainment, but it can be addictive. We encourage responsible gambling by offering:

  • Reflection periods of 24 hours to 6 weeks.
  • A 6-month self-exclusion period.
  • Setting deposit limits.
  • Referrals to problem gambling organizations.
  • See our responsible gambling policy for more details.
  • Assistance, disputes and complaints
  • The Casino Support Center is available to answer any questions or to file disputes or complaints.

If you have any complaints or disputes arising from past or current transactions, please contact us. If we are unable to resolve the dispute, we will refer it to eCogra, our alternative dispute resolution (ADR) body, whose decision will be final provided all parties involved are fully represented.

Complaints/complaints of any kind from players must be filed within 6 months of the problem arising.

Registration Offer – Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for this offer, you must open an account as a new player.

All bonuses will be credited as bonus funds (i.e., non-cash) to the player’s casino or Casino Rewards account.

Each single deposit made at 1 Dollar Casinos is considered a single deposit for the purposes of this promotion. The total of subsequent deposits will not count toward the sign-up bonus – each deposit will be considered individually. Therefore, the first two (2) individual deposits will ONLY determine the bonus amounts awarded in this promotion.

150 chances to win big jackpots will be awarded with the first deposit in the form of free spins on the Mega Money Wheel game, worth $0.10 per spin. The minimum first deposit is $10.

Money Wheel free spins winnings will be credited as a bonus to the player’s casino account.

If the first Mega Money Wheel jackpot prize is credited as a bonus fund, the player can have the winnings converted to his or her cash balance by contacting the casino’s Help Center. This can only be done for the top prize. All funds wagered before contacting the Casino Help Desk for conversion will be subject to the Casino’s wagering requirements and any accumulated losses cannot be recovered. To withdraw winnings after conversion, the player must comply with the terms and conditions set forth in the Bonus Account and Cash Account Terms and Conditions below.

For the avoidance of doubt, in connection with this promotion and the winnings transferred to the Casino account, Player agrees to comply with the wagering requirements for all bonuses/winnings earned in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Promotional Terms and Conditions and Bonus and Cash Account Terms and Conditions below.

This promotion must be claimed by making an initial deposit within 7 days, after which 1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to change the promotion.

Bonus Account and Cash – Terms and Conditions

A player’s total account balance consists of a cash account balance and a bonus account balance.

A player’s bonus account balance cannot be cashed out, but can be used to place bets.

The cash component of the balance can be withdrawn at any time for the first and second deposits, but this will result in the cancellation of all remaining bonus funds in the bonus balance. This includes all bonuses that have yet to be credited or redeemed and are associated with any deposit withdrawn.

Both the first deposit bonus and second deposit bonus are subject to a limit of 200 wagers before the bonus balance is converted to cash. Once converted to cash, bonus funds can be withdrawn.

Subsequent bonus amounts credited to a player’s bonus balance (from the third deposit onward) will be subject to a 30-time play time before they can be cashed out.

The play time is reached when a wager is placed. Wagers placed from cash accounts and bonus accounts count toward wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements (for withdrawal purposes) begin to be taken into account from the time all bonuses are added to the casino account.

For any wager made prior to the third deposit, the wager will be deducted from the player’s cash and bonus balances in a ratio equal to the total cash and bonus balances. Winnings will be redistributed to cash and bonus balances using the same ratio. If a player makes a withdrawal, his or her bonus balance is reset to zero. This means that if a player chooses to withdraw the money deposited, he/she will lose any bonus that may still be in his/her bonus balance. For any bet made after the third deposit, the wager is deducted from the player’s cash account. If there is no money available, the wager is deducted from the bonus account. This means that funds from the player’s bonus account are played only if there is no cash balance.

Winnings on bets made before the third deposit are credited to the cash and bonus balances in the same proportion as the bet was taken from the respective cash and bonus balances. After the third deposit, winnings on bets made from the player’s cash account are credited directly to the player’s cash account. Winnings on bets made from a player’s bonus account are credited to his bonus account.

After the third deposit, when winnings are credited to a player’s bonus account that cause the bonus account to exceed the amount of all bonuses, the excess winnings are credited to the player’s cash account. Note: This figure is net of any automatic transfers from the bonus account to the cash account.

Wagering requirements will be carried over from a bonus if a subsequent bonus is redeemed before making a deposit.

Different games played may contribute a different percentage of the wager (up to 100 percent) toward meeting the wagering requirement. For example:

If a player receives a $100 bonus, he would have to wager about $20,000 based on a game with a wagering contribution of 100% (e.g., slots and table games) before attempting a withdrawal.

Similarly, he should bet $40,000 on a game with a wagering contribution of 50 percent (e.g., Table Poker, Casino War, Sic Bo) and so on.

The contribution percentages are as follows:

  • Slots and table games count toward 100% of the wagering requirements.
  • Table Poker, Casino War and Sic Bo account for 50% of the wagering requirements.
  • All blackjack games, with the exception of classic blackjack, craps and baccarat, count for 10% of the wagering requirements.
  • All video games, with the exception of All Aces Video Poker, Caribbean Draw Poker, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold, Triple Action Hold’em Bonus Poker Gold, classic blackjack, and all roulette games, count for 2% of the wagering requirements.

All Aces Video Poker does not count toward wagering requirements and no loyalty points are earned by playing.

Doubling down on any of the $1 Casino games does not count toward wagering requirements.

Live Casino Games:

  • Live Baccarat, Top-Card and all Live Blackjack games count toward 10% wagering requirements.
  • Deal or No Deal Live and Lightning Dice count for 100% of wagering requirements.
  • Super Sic Bo, Live Auto Roulette, Live French and American Roulette, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, Live Casino Hold’em, Live Three Card Poker, Live Dream Catcher, Two Handed Holdem and Side Bet City count as 2% of wagering requirements.

Promotional Terms and Conditions

All promotions can only be claimed once per device, person, household, family, physical address, e-mail address, financial account, IP address or shared network environment such as a library, workplace, university or school. Any winnings associated with a bonus claimed more than once will be cancelled and the casino account will be closed.

Unless otherwise stated, no two promotions can be combined and promotions apply only to deposits and wagers made at 1 Dollar Casinos.

Every effort will be made to credit the player’s account with any promotional bonus on or before one business day. Promotions earned over a period of time, such as weekend bonuses or monthly bonuses, will be awarded within one business day of the end of that period, which is the Monday following the weekend or the first business day of the following month.

If the credit/debit card, e-wallet or financial account used to make the deposit to receive sign-up bonuses is not in the name of the person registered with 1 Dollar Casinos, the casino reserves the right to void any winnings. Attempting to withdraw winnings associated with sign-up bonuses using a credit/debit card, e-wallet, or financial account in a name other than that of the casino account holder may also result in the cancellation of winnings.

All casino promotions are reviewed regularly and we reserve the right to change the offer and/or terms and conditions at any time.

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to correct any errors in bonus points, casino credits and/or prizes awarded. Winnings will not be affected, but the player’s casino account balance will be adjusted to reflect the corrected amount when an error is detected.

Promotional bonuses/prizes that remain unused in a player’s casino account for more than 60 days from the date of registration will be voided. Promotional bonuses/prizes will be considered “used” once the minimum wagering requirements are met. The sign-up bonus is determined by the date the casino account is opened. If a player opens a casino account but leaves it inactive for a certain period of time, he/she will still receive the sign-up bonus that was active at the time of registration at 1 Dollar Casinos.

If, while playing at 1 Dollar Casinos, the player wins an amount deemed by the casino management to be worthy of advertising, the player agrees to be available for any event organized by 1 Dollar Casinos. At all times, 1 Dollar Casinos will make every effort to protect the player’s privacy.

Although 1 Dollar Casinos protects all personal information entrusted to us, we reserve the right to use players’ names and/or initials in any Casino advertisement regarding promotion results.

Only promotions specifically advertised on this casino’s website will be honored by 1 Dollar Casinos. Any promotional offers issued by other parties, including but not limited to affiliated persons or organizations, may not be recognized by this Casino and are therefore considered invalid.

Any promotional materials distributed by Casino Rewards are intended only for the recipient and are not transferable. Players must have received a written invitation from Casino Rewards to take advantage of any part of this promotion.

Promotions or giveaways conducted by Dollar Casino for any type of merchandise or money do not include taxes, registration, licensing, insurance, shipping or delivery charges, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of the promotion.

All cash prizes awarded by 1 Dollar Casinos will be paid directly into the beneficiary’s Casino Rewards account or casino account.

1 Dollar Casinos may, at its sole discretion, limit the eligibility of players to participate in any promotion.

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to withdraw the membership offer and/or any other promotion from such accounts and/or linked accounts for any reason upon proper notice, including, but not limited to, violation of the promotional terms and conditions. An activity is considered a violation of the Promotional Terms and Conditions when it is intended to take advantage of our offers.

Violation of the terms and conditions includes, but is not limited to, the following

If the player abuses the casino account to take advantage of promotional offers without ever demonstrating a degree of risk with their personal funds or a serious intention to gamble, the refund of all promotional offers, including but not limited to sign-up bonuses, will be suspended until the player demonstrates a history of gambling where risk with their personal funds is periodically demonstrated to the casino.

Multiple account strategy / Proxy account strategy.

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate any winnings in case of foul play. “Improper play” includes, but is not limited to, one or more of the following types of play:

  • Making single bets equal to or greater than 25% or more of the value of the bonus credited to the account before the wagering requirement for that bonus is met; a single bet in roulette counts as the total of all chips placed on the table when the wheel is spun.
  • Use the doubling feature to increase the value of bets;
  • Bet equal amounts in Sic Bo, Craps and Roulette.
  • Launching a game function after the bonus balance used to accumulate credits for the function has reached 0.
  • Withdrawing deposited funds, in whole or in part, before the associated bonus funds are refunded.
  • Use the automatic play feature to meet bonus account wagering requirements.
  • Deliberately play minimum risk, even money, zero margin or hedge bets to conceal the appropriate mindset for the purpose of meeting bonus account wagering requirements.
  • Employees, officers and directors of 1 Dollar Casinos, its promotional or other agencies, its licensees and licensors, its service providers and any other associated or affiliated companies are not eligible to participate. The same conditions apply to immediate family members of such persons.

Payments and Winnings General Terms and Conditions

It is the player’s responsibility to be aware of these terms and conditions under which payments are accepted and winnings are paid. It is also the player’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is aware of any changes to these terms and conditions. 1 Dollar Casinos may also notify its players by e-mail of any updates to the terms and conditions.

The player may not deposit any funds on the 1 Dollar Casinos website that are illicit, dishonestly obtained, produced or intended to be used for money laundering or terrorist financing, or are otherwise considered illegal.

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to confiscate any casino withdrawals or account balances suspected of being related to any type of fraudulent activity, including, but not limited to, identity theft or payment fraud.

Any criminal or suspicious activity at 1 Dollar Casinos may be reported to the appropriate authorities, and if such activity is suspected or confirmed, the player’s casino account may be suspended indefinitely and all winnings forfeited and balances confiscated.

If players transfer funds between each other’s financial accounts, or if multiple players have their financial accounts funded from a common source, this will be considered fraudulent and may be investigated. 1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to void any winnings associated with such practices, to suspend associated casino accounts indefinitely, and to confiscate any casino account balance.

If a financial account used to deposit and/or withdraw funds is not in the Player’s name as registered with the Casino, 1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to suspend the casino account and/or financial account indefinitely.

Player agrees that it is his/her responsibility to ensure that he/she has sufficient funds in the financial account(s) used to make deposits at 1 Dollar Casinos. This includes sufficient funds at the time of deposit and at the time the financial account is debited. In the event of insufficient funds at any of these times, 1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to refuse deposits, void winnings, and forfeit the casino account balance. 1 Dollar Casinos may, at its sole discretion, require the player, and the player agrees to provide, evidence satisfactory to 1 Dollar Casinos that sufficient funds were available at the time of the deposit or at the time the financial account was debited.

Players whose deposits are repudiated, recalled, rebilled, disputed, revoked, or otherwise unpaid will have their winnings voided, their balances forfeited, and all of their casino accounts on the Casino Rewards Network blocked. In the unlikely event that 1 Dollar Casinos decides not to exercise any or all of its rights under this condition, this will not constitute a waiver of its right to exercise this or any other condition in the future.

It is the player’s responsibility to maintain copies of transaction records and past and present website policies and rules.

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to conduct identity, source of funds, financial account and other background checks on the player and may request documents and information from the player to do so. If the player fails to comply with any or all of these requests, 1 Dollar Casinos has the right to void all winnings in the player’s account, restrict further deposits and withdrawals, confiscate all casino account balances, and freeze the player’s casino account indefinitely. For security documents, see the “Verification Procedure” section for more details.

1 Dollar Casinos does not charge the player for deposits made to the player’s casino account, but does charge payment service providers, financial intermediaries involved in processing the player’s transactions, and/or the player’s financial institution. This may result in transaction fees in addition to the amount deposited into the player’s casino account. Such charges are not typical for most players, but in the unfortunate event of incurring such charges, players agree that the casino is not responsible for such charges.

When you have requested that your CVC code (the three-digit number on the back of your credit/debit card) be stored for a specific card and on the device with which you access the casino, you have also consented to the retrieval and use of this CVC code for future purchases you make at the casino and accept full responsibility for it.

Payment of winnings and withdrawals

Winnings are credited to the Player’s casino account balance in the currency of the Player’s casino account. If the Player wishes to withdraw all or part of his/her balance, he/she must enter the amount he/she wishes to withdraw into the casino and choose a withdrawal method.

The Player agrees that there may be minimum and maximum withdrawal limits per single transaction, per day, per week, and per month, and that these will vary by country and withdrawal method.

Withdrawals that must be processed in a currency other than the currency of the Player’s account will be subject to currency conversion. The currency conversion will be based on the average daily interbank market rate plus a 2.5 percent conversion fee.

The Direct Bank Transfers (DBT) withdrawal method will incur a withdrawal fee. The fees are as follows:

  • Less than 3000 units: $50.00 USD, €35.00, £30.00.
  • More than 3000 units: $100 USD, €70.00, £60.00

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right, and in many cases the obligation, to return withdrawals to financial accounts previously used by the player to make deposits at the Casino.

1 Dollar Casinos reserves the right to deduct from the player’s winnings/withdrawals any amount owed to the casino due to chargebacks, disputes, or any other unpaid fees. If possible, the player may be notified in advance of this action.

Updating or adding additional payment details can only be done within the casino or by contacting customer support.

Withdrawn funds will be placed on hold for 48 hours. Once the 48 hours have passed, the withdrawal will be processed on the next business day. Withdrawn funds may be reversed in whole or in part until they have been processed. Any reverse withdrawals to the casino account before they are processed are the responsibility of the player. Processing of withdrawn funds may be delayed until verification has been satisfactorily completed.

Players who win significantly more than their total purchases at all Casino Rewards partner casinos will only be able to withdraw their winnings up to a maximum of $4,000 per week. However, due to various business considerations, 1 Dollar Casinos may, at its sole discretion, increase or decrease the weekly payout.

Payments to bank accounts, cards and e-wallets are subject to daily limits, including those imposed on us directly or indirectly by regulators, card systems, banks, payment processors and financial institutions. Depending on the withdrawal method you choose, you may be limited to receiving a portion of your daily paid winnings on subsequent weekdays until your balance is paid in full.

Please note that once payments have been released by 1 Dollar Casinos, it may take some time for the funds to reach your designated financial account. Processing times may vary depending on payment methods, processors and banks and are beyond our control. 1 Dollar Casinos cannot be held responsible for any delays in transferring payments to the designated bank account.